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Course of cooperation

Personal meeting with the client

The process of selecting suitable staff for your company is an important step in filling working places. 

From its professionalism depends on the quantity and quality of candidates offered a job, opportunities of a choice are derived from it and ultimately it makes influence on characteristics of the key source of the transformation process. 

Therefore we consider it necessary before the start of cooperation in detail to get familiar with the culture and personnel structure of your company, your ideas, expectations, and the actual job description of a post to be filled.

Start of working interview

The interviewing procedure is carried out under professional supervision of a human resources consultant.  In this stage out task is namely:

We will choose workers for you who are not just holders of so called traditional strong points as morality manifested in the discipline, stable contribution to society, standard performance, diligence, perseverance, as to gain competitiveness it is no longer sufficient.

We will find you a worker who is proactive, creative, motivated to work in the company, is adaptable, proactive towards changes, gives excellent performance and their behavior positively influences other colleagues and customers.

Personnel assignment

After cooperation completion

After a successful completion of our cooperation our consultants develop proposals to further strengthen the prosperity of the human resources or if there is an interest they arrange the transfer of employees to permanent employment in your company.