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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. I expressed my interest in the job advertised on Mr. JOB´ s web site and I filled in a contact form. When can I expect that you contact me with more information?

All job applications are thoroughly processed by our recruiting staff.  Successful candidates are contacted within 3-5 days after approval.

2. Can I apply for more than one working position?

Mr. JOB company gives an opportunity to all its candidates that were interested in more than one vacant position.  However, it is important to always accurately inform recruiters by which particular job you are interested in.

3. Once I have already been interested in working through Mr. JOB. Shall I resend my resume?

If you are looking for a new job and have already been registered in our database, just contact us by phone at our free number or by e-mail.

4. When I once sent my resume, will you keep it in a database and will it be taken into account when you open any other new job opportunity?

In case you already posted your resume and you agree with this, it will be stored in the database. If the new job opportunity arises, you would meet the requirements; our recruiting staff will contact you to verify whether you are interested in a particular job offer.

5. I have some questions about job advertised through Mr. JOB. How can I get more information?

Whenever you can contact us by phone at our free of charge telephone number 0800 666 999 or email at

6. What is the procedure for a recruitment process?

  1. Fill in the application form on our web site.
  2. Then our recruitment staff will contact your and agree a personal interview with you.
  3. Presentation of a job position directly at the client.
  4. Training on a job position.
  5. Together with you we make a labor contract (contract of employment).

7. How often are you going to contact me with regard to vacancies?

After examining the documents you had sent to Mr. JOB, our recruiting staff will contact you, if they evaluate that you are a suitable candidate.

8. May I apply for a job abroad through Mr. JOB?

If the working position is offered in another country, you can apply for it in a standard way.

9. Will you recommend me a position when I send you my resume?

Recruiting staff of the Mr. JOB company are experienced consultants who will recommend an appropriate position based on your résumé. In case there are no appropriate positions open you will be contacted you as soon as new job opportunity arises for you.

10. Shall I send my résumé in Slovak or in English?

Most job offers specify the language in which you need to send your résumé.  In case that it is not stated, please, send your résumé in Slovak.

11. Are there any restrictions on the work in Mr. JOB company?

Anyone, who meets the conditions of a lawful age and criminal integrity, may apply for a job in the Mr. JOB company.